Cannabis Europa London Agenda

The agenda below is for the Conference, 28 - 29 June 2022.

Cannabis Europa is proud to consistently deliver the highest quality content – presented by leading authorities in their field – tackling the topics and themes that are pivotal to the global growth of the cannabis industry.

Agenda Highlights

Spotlight on Germany

Which direction will the German market take? Will we see a knock on effect across the EU? We speak to leading politicians, analysts and CEO’s to discuss which steps have already been taken and what will happen next.

Spotlight on Germany

Bridging The Gap

A one size fits all approach isn’t working. How can doctors, patients and producers come together to bridge the gap and ensure ongoing efficacy for medical cannabis? How can prescribing clinicians take more responsibility in what they offer to patients?

Cannabis for Women's Health

Which innovative companies are looking to offer effective cannabinoid-based treatments? We speak to experts in the field of women’s health to understand cannabis’ potential.

The Future of The Supply Chain

New technologies and markets mean the European cannabis industry is constantly on the move. What can Cannabis learn from established industries? We explore ideas which might already be laying the foundations for the future of the industry.

Supply chain

The Emperor's New Clothes

Cannabis works as a medicine, but with more commercial entities and well branded, seemingly ‘cure all’ products entering the market, how can the industry control the narrative? We take a closer look at some of the facts.

State of Play Session - Malta

An exclusive interview with a prominent Maltese MP, to explore the social and economic benefits of a newly legalised cannabis market, how will it help boost and shape the economy in Malta?