Cannabis Europa Goes Digital


Pioneering researchers and academics are overhauling our understanding of medical cannabis. As the knowledge base and data set develops, a seismic shift in public opinion is occurring at a global scale, resulting in progressive legislation, high-quality cannabis-based medicines and transformative commercial opportunities.

Cannabis continues to make headlines across Europe as new countries look to push forward medical cannabis programmes and unlock the societal and commercial potential of this formerly stigmatised plant. At the other end of the spectrum, consumer interest in CBD continues to skyrocket, disrupting mainstream industries from food and drink to wellness and beauty.

These rapidly emerging changes are triggering new conversations in Europe that bring about pertinent questions: How will we view cannabis in 2050? Will cannabinoid-based medicines be another standard in modern healthcare systems? Will CBD remain a novel food in the EU? Will Luxembourg become a model for the regulation of cannabis like Denmark has become for medical cannabis?

Find out by joining our first ever digital international conference this summer.