Jamie Bartley


Jamie Bartley stands out as a transformative leader in the UK’s Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis industry, known for his strategic foresight and substantial contributions to the sector. He co-founded the Unyte Group in 2018, guiding it to become a comprehensive conglomerate that spans several industries, including but not limited to Hemp and medical Cannabis. Serving as CEO, Jamie’s commitment to leveraging Hemp for decarbonisation in the UK’s agriculture, construction, and energy sectors has been pivotal. Since 2019, under Jamie’s stewardship, the Unyte Group has expanded into diverse divisions focusing on energy, construction, waste management, investment, cultivation, growth substrates, and medical applications. This expansion has solidified Unyte Group’s reputation as a major player in the industry, with licenses for extensive hemp cultivation. Jamie’s leadership contributed to an impressive revenue of >£17M in 2023, a 106% increase on 2022, marking a significant milestone in the group’s growth trajectory. Beyond his achievements with Unyte Group, Jamie is deeply involved in industry advocacy and policy development, serving as the secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Industrial Hemp and CBD. This role highlights his dedication to influencing positive legislative and regulatory changes within the sector. Jamie is also a key figure in the Cannabis Industry Council (CIC), where he Co-Chairs with Dr Callie Seaman, uniting stakeholders across the Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis industry to drive forward collective goals. His focus on scaling the impacts of Hemp and medicinal Cannabis for human and planetary health aligns with his commitment to environmental regeneration and sustainable development. Jamie’s leadership and collaborative efforts are instrumental in steering the industry towards innovative, regenerative, growth and wellness.