Pierre van Weperen


Pierre van Weperen is CEO of the Grow Pharma joint venture between GROW GROUP and IPS Pharma. Pierre joined Grow Group in 2019 after a 30+ year career in pharmaceutical industry in the Netherlands with stints in Germany and France and since 2007 in the UK. Starting out as a medical rep in the 90s, Pierre has held senior sales, marketing and leadership roles in several top 10 global pharma companies.

Just before joining Grow, Pierre managed Ashfield Healthcare commercial services in the UK. Ashfield is the UK’s largest pharmaceutical outsourcing provider and that is where he started working with medical cannabis for several companies who wanted to enter the new UK market late 2018, early 2019. Pierre is inspired by Grow’s relentless focus on the patients who can benefit from medical cannabis and works with his team to train and educate HCPs, drive general awareness, lobby for regulatory changes and source the best products and innovations for patients and prescribers.

As the product of a challenging childhood and being a patient himself, making a difference, in this case for patients, is his main driver and focus. That is also why he is chairman of the board of the Dutch MS patient association and has advised other charities during his career. His deep understanding of healthcare systems in different countries, pharmaceutical marketing and his leadership experience are valuable resources in building Grow and driving this new and exciting opportunity. Pierre lives in North London with his wife Freda and their daughter Isabella. His hobbies are golf, ballroom and latin dancing, polo and painting.