Rui Soares


Rui Soares is the founder and CEO of Paralab, a dynamic and innovative manufacturer and distributor, of the most advanced technology for cannabis postharvest and cannabinoid extraction and purification. Paralab operates across all of Europe, Israel, and Latin America. With over 30 years of experience serving the highly regulated European Pharmaceutical market, since 2018, Paralab entered the medical cannabis arena, by offering EU-GMP compliant solutions for controlling bioburden in cannabis production, bucking, trimming, sorting, drying, irradiation, packaging, milling, extraction, winterization, filtration, decarboxylation, Wiped Film Distillation, Crystallization, and Chromatography.

Paralab is ISO9001:2015, has an EU-GMP certified laboratory for Human Medicinal Products and Human Investigational Medicinal Products, and is expected to receive in Q1 2024 the Licence to perform R&D activities with Cannabis products.