Tom Vymazal


Tomáš Vymazal is a leading expert in cannabis legislation and a prominent advocate for cannabis reform in the Czech Republic. A member of the Czech Pirate Party since 2010, he has been deeply involved in legislative efforts to regulate and legalize cannabis. From 2017 to 2021, Tomáš served as a Member of Parliament, where he focused on developing laws for the regulated legalization of personal cannabis cultivation and ensuring the availability of medical cannabis in pharmacies. Notably, he successfully campaigned to raise the legal THC limit in industrial hemp to 1 per cent, a significant milestone that advanced progressive cannabis policy in the country.

His efforts have significantly influenced the cannabis regulatory landscape in the Czech Republic, aligning it with more rational and science-based policies. His dedication to cannabis reform is further demonstrated through his leadership as Chairman of the Safe Cannabis Association, an NGO focused on proactive self-regulation within the adult-use industry. His work continues to pave the way for progressive changes in cannabis legislation.

As a member of the Rational regulation (RaRe) NGO, Tomáš is also involved in the preparations of a multi-channel campaign striving to make cannabis fully regulated in the Czech Republic within the next 15 months.