Roby Zomer


Mr. Zomer was recruited into MGC by it’s founders at the inception of the company, and has since served in multiple roles in the company, culminating with his current role as MD and CEO. With ten years of experience in large scale projects in the Biotech and Agrotech sectors, Mr. Zomer has been crucial in moving MGC from a Cannabis Concept to a fully functioning BioPharma company with global activities. This was part of the vision that has allowed MGC to launch, and divest itself of, both a  Cannabis Cosmetic company (MGC Derma) and a Lifestyle Company (MGC Nutra), which were both crucial building blocks to centralizing the company’s pharma vision and activities. Over the past year, Mr. Zomer has been crucial to  solidifying the company’s  standing as a leading provider of phytomedicines in several regions globally, has successfully launched a product, ArtemiC, which is proving an effective treatment against symptoms of COVID-19, backed by ongoing clinical trials. Additionally, he has put his engineering and medical background into play, and has put a significant emphasis on the company’s research and development activities, leading to possibilities of distribution and collaboration in several compelling markets around the globe.