Lukas Hurt

Editor-in-Chief & Publisher Green Publishing
Lukas Hurt is a Czech translator, editor, and publisher. For more than fifteen years, he has been working in the cannabis industry with a focus on human rights, policymaking, and medical and other uses. With university degrees in History and English Philology, Lukas began his cannabis career as a regular writer and translator for the magazine Legalizace. Throughout the years, his clients have gradually included organizers of expos or conferences, patient associations, doctors, and academic institutions such as Palacký University in Olomouc, Mendel University, and St. Anne’s Faculty Hospital in Brno. In 2018, Lukas became the editor-in-chief of Konopí, a print magazine focused on informing the general public about medical cannabis, cannabis policies, and other uses of this versatile plant. In this role, Lukas got very close to doctors and other healthcare professionals, as well as patients and decision makers. In 2023, Lukas became the manager of the Czech hemp and cannabis cluster CzecHemp and began lobbying for better laws, and in 2024, he co-founded the NGO Rational Regulation with the aim of supporting cannabis legalization efforts in Czechia through a nationwide campaign.