Dr. Carlo Privitera

Dr. Carlo Privitera


Specialist in General Surgery. In 2015 he left Public Health and in 2016 he founded Progetto MediCOmm, with the aim of creating a New Health System.
In the space of 3 years of activity he has followed more than 2000 patients throughout the country, treating them with medical cannabis-based therapies.

I specialize and work in surgery until 2014, when I leave the National Health System and after two years of study, in 2016 I founded Progetto MediComm, Italian on line health service specialized in medical cannabis therapies and in 2020, we have proposed a new brand on the Italian healthcare scenario: Camit – Cannabis medical Italia. in this 6 years of activity, we reach a case history of over 5000 medical cannabis patients. we based our approach on constant and direct communication with the patient, aimed at personalizing the therapeutic schema. in 2022 I founded Enzima, a new company aimed at clinical research and the design and development of health supply chains studied on the basis of the clinical needs of the individual and constantly monitored on the social Health System platform.