Clifton Flack


Entering the emerging medical cannabis industry in late 2015, Clifton co-founded  iCAN Israel-Cannabis and CannaTech, the International Conference on Medical Cannabis innovation & investment. This cannabis innovation summit brought the global industry to Israel to discover and uncover the latest medical knowledge together with Agrotech and Medical Cannabis innovations.

As an unregulated CBD industry grew, so did the need to guide, educate and protect consumers in a confusing and sometimes daunting market. For CiiTECH this meant setting the bar high for new industry standards by developing a portfolio of science-led brands that match deep sector knowledge with real consumer needs. This is how Provacan, the CiiTECH flagship and first of 3 brands was established back in 2017, bringing UK consumers cannabis healthcare brands they can trust. 

Clifton remains fully committed to the company as CEO as the company makes way to list on the London Stock Exchange.