Official Medical Cannabis Partner: Astrasana Holding AG


We’re delighted to announce that Astrasana will be joining us as a Official Medical Cannabis Partner of Cannabis Europa London, 2023.

Astrasana is an international company headquartered in Switzerland. It distributes its products through six subsidiaries located in the Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, and Japan. The team consists of experts in the fields of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and cannabis.

Astrasana offers customers direct access through their own pharmacies which specialise in medical cannabis in Switzerland, which enables them to gain a unique understanding of patients’ needs. 

Astrasana comprises a network of companies with shareholdings, exclusive purchasing agreements and its own entities in five countries. The company has revolutionised the cannabis industry by creating a more responsible way to produce and distribute high-quality cannabis products. With a focus on quality, sustainability and innovation, Astrasana produces world-class products. 

Astrasana Holding AG is proud to announce that we will be the Official Medical Cannabis Partner at the upcoming Cannabis Europa event in London on May 2nd and 3rd. As a leading distributor of both medical cannabis and recreational cannabinoid-based products, we currently sell our products in over eighteen countries throughout seven subsidiaries located in Switzerland, Czech Republic, Belgium, United Kingdom, and Japan.

We offer our customers direct access through our own pharmacies which specialising in Medical Cannabis in Switzerland, this enables us to gain a unique understanding of our patient’s needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, or why schedule a one-to-one meeting with of our dedicated sales team during the event.

Alongside participating as a Official Medical Cannabis Partner, Astrasana will have a virtual expo booth within the meeting app and Astrasana Managing Director Dr Tomas Ryska will be speaking on the ‘Medical vs. Recreational – A Looming Identity Crisis?’ panel.

You can find out more about Astrasana here. There are still tickets available Cannabis Europa London on 2-3 May. Get yours now.

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