Saul Kaye

Saul Kaye


Ever since Saul can remember he has looked at a business and tried to break it down to understand it and figure out how to optimize it. He loves to improve a good idea and make it great. Saul understands that there is a fine balance between perfection and delivery – and drives hard to execute.

He has been blessed with several successes in his career. His experience in pharma and customer service has given him a hard-learned perspective that good customer service and a valued product are keys to business success. He has learned a great deal about humility and success.

The cannabis industry has been Saul’s most fast paced, action filled adventure to date. He loves the ability to make real change in the world and the ability to apply his unique take on this awesome field.

Saul is very proud of CannaTech, his team’s first big initiative in this space and is excited about establishing a global brand infrastructure that will shape the cannabis space.

“To be an ambassador for entrepreneurship and Israel is amazing to me as I am not a public person – but the cause is so powerful I am grateful to take a stand”