Sam Volkering


Sam built a career advising private clients and businesses on how to manage their money and build their wealth. With a decade of financial advice under his belt he decided that it was time to change the game and combine his great passions in life (technology, writing and helping everyday people to make money).

In his editorial he investigates, researches and uncovers the world’s most revolutionary trends before they hit the mainstream, advising his subscribers on how to invest in them. He predicted the rise of 3D printing, the arrival of augmented reality, the incredible shift to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and the path to legalisation of cannabis. With over a decade in crypto markets, he’s a global authority in this new field of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. He’s also the author of, “Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and The Future of Money,” which has been read by over 40,000 investors world-wide.

He travels the world meeting and engaging with inventors, founders, innovators and the most influential people in investment markets. His unique combination of financial acumen with an unwavering devotion to the most game changing trends makes Sam one of the most prescient investment analysts in the UK.