Katya Kowalski


Katya Kowalski is Head of Operations at Volteface, the UK’s leading drug policy think tank. She is responsible for overseeing project development, management and external engagement.Katya is an expert in global drug reform with a wealth of experience in research, and policy implementation. With a background in psychology she has a deep interest in the complex relationship between drug use and mental health. Katya enjoys commenting on the context and nuance surrounding drug use, along with the complexities and challenges of bringing cannabis into mainstream medicine.Since joining the Volteface team in 2020, Katya has launched the European Cannabis Advocacy Network (ECAN), a network of advocates across Europe to streamline communication across the continent about cannabis reform. Katya holds specific expertise in communications in drug reform and is passionate about advocating for sensible, practical drug policy models.Katya believes the key way to achieve meaningful change and de-stigmatising cannabis reform is by engaging hard to reach groups. Her first policy report The New Leaf received mainstream media coverage, including in The Express. Katya holds a holds a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Health Psychology, both from the University of Bath.