Joel Sherlock

A serial entrepreneur and a born connector, Joel has been building teams while delivering the expertise and drive to execute. Studying Finance at UBC and later at Harvard Business School. Joel has been at the helm of over 18 successful start-ups, growth companies, turnarounds, a successful corporate consulting firm including three private equity funds.
Joel founded Doventi Capital, one of the industry’s first PE funds, following that founding Vitalis Extraction Technologies, the world’s leading Manufacturer of Cannabis and Hemp C02 and Ethanol Processing equipment. Growing them to the 3rd fastest growing company in Canada (G+M 19)
NIMB Capital is Joel’s family office with partner P. Patterson. The team at NIMB are active investors committed to their portfolio company’s success. Their growing ecosystem of investments includes Equipment Manufacturing, Industrial Solvents, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Trucking, Equipment Finance, Brands and more.
The industries on the surface seem disconnected, but hearing Joel’s entrepreneurial story is a tale of opportunities, problems that needed to be solved and foundational value creation. The ecosystem of companies all add to each other’s growth, success and alpha on investment return.