Dr Elizabeth Iveson

Dr. Liz Iveson


Dr Liz Iveson is an experienced Consultant Stroke Physician with a background of Elderly and General Medicine. Her interests and expertise are in stroke and neurological rehabilitation and the management of complex patients with multiple needs and symptoms such as pain, spasticity, fatigue, cognitive and mood disorders; in a holistic, pragmatic multi disciplinary team led way.
Along side her own business, Lives on Medical Consultancy Ltd, Dr Iveson also works within the NHS and has done for over 25 years, she is very experienced in the management of all areas of medicine. Dr Iveson has been actively involved in Stroke and Neurorehabilitation research for many years, both as Principal and Sub Investigator, recruiting to clinical trials that have changed practice and was the Regional Lead for Stroke in the Yorkshire and Humber Combined Local Research Network.

Dr Iveson became interested in medical cannabis after caring for patients with pain and spasticity who were illegally self medicating,with reported good effect – and an open mindedness to finding more about a medication that potentially could offer further symptom relief to a group of patients who had run out of conventional treatment options. Dr Iveson is an executive member of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society.