SOMAÍ Are Bronze Sponsors of Cannabis Europa London


SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals, a large-scale manufacturer of cannabis products, are once again supporting Cannabis Europa London as a Bronze Sponsor.

SOMAÍ is a European pharmaceutical and biotech company centred on manufacturing in Lisbon, Portugal and distribution of EU GMP-certified cannabinoid-containing pharmaceuticals throughout the European Union and globally. SOMAÍ emphasises scientific pharmacology applications with EU-GMP standards to deliver treatments to the endocannabinoid system, effectively and with consistency across all markets.

SOMAÍ is one of the first American-run companies operating across legal European markets.

SOMAÍ is currently building scalable high out-put facilities in various strategic countries in Europe and is in a perpetual fundraise. The idea is to carefully develop processes for scalability and get proper registrations in order to expand as new countries legalise medical cannabis and new markets and demographics become available.

“SOMAÍ are delighted to continue their long-standing partnership with Cannabis Europa. They look forward to strengthening new and old partnerships with the Industry’s biggest players in June with the end goal being the production of the most advanced products with the most innovative delivery methods to create maximum bioavailability and utility for patients.” – Micheal Sassano, CEO

CEO of SOMAÍ, Micheal Sassano, will join speakers such as Dr Carl Hart, Ehud Olmert, Dr Kojo Koram, Dr Dani Gordon, Elana Goldberg, Damien Egan and Professor Mike Barnes.

For more information about SOMAÍ, you can visit the company’s website here.

Join us on 28-29 June. Let’s Push Things Forward. For tickets to the Cannabis Europa London conference and expo, click here.

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