As Cannabis Europa prepares to cross the Atlantic bringing its New York: Leaders Summit to the cultural, financial and commercial capital of the United States, we invite our attendees to make the best of their stay and fully experience the hustle and bustle the ‘City That Never Sleeps’ has to offer. Taking place at the historic Metropolitan Club, our New York: Leaders Summit will offer you access to one of New York’s most exclusive private clubs. Founded in 1891 by the likes of J. P. Morgan, James A. Roosevelt and John Lambert Cadwalader, the Metropolitan Club brings a distinctively Versailles-like aura of decadence to the ultra-modern and technology-driven city. Within its white marble-clad premises conveniently located just off 5th Avenue and 60th Street, the Metropolitan Club oozes old-fashioned glamour and grandeur with its 15-feet-wide grand marble staircase and Renaissance frescoed ceilings. Whilst it is easy to let the splendour of this landmark building overwhelm you, we strongly suggest you explore the area and indulge in the vibrant, fast-paced lifestyle only New York City can offer!

The neighbourhood:

First things first, the neighbourhood. The Metropolitan Club is located in the iconic Upper East Side offering views of Central Park and a glimpse of the city’s exemplary skyline with the new Central Park Tower in view (the tallest residential building in the world). You’ll be able to wander around New York’s prime fashion hotspots such as Saks on 5th Avenue or the small boutiques on Madison Avenue. Also, a stone’s throw away you’ll find some of the city’s best museums: immerse yourself in contemporary art at the Whitney Museum of American Art or at the Guggenheim, where you’ll find the works of one of America’s most critically acclaimed yet controversial artists, Robert Mapplethorpe. Alternatively, experience over 5,000 years of art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where you can explore anything from antique Egypt to contemporary art or enjoy the new Félix Vallotton exhibit and become lost within the decadent atmosphere of fin-de-siècle Paris.

Where to stay:

Once you’re done exploring the area, relax at one of the many prestigious hotels in the neighbourhood. Adjacent to the Metropolitan Club you’ll find the Pierre, the only AAA Five Diamond and Forbes Five-Star rated property on Manhattan’s Upper East Side with its grandiose murals by Melcarth and rococo decor. Alternatively, if you’re looking for the glamour and allure of old New York, you could stay at the famed art-deco-style Four Seasons, located just a minute’s walk from the Metropolitan Club in the commonly dubbed ‘Billionaires’ Row’ nestled between Madison Avenue’s glitzy shops. If you still want the luxury of the Upper East Side without breaking the bank, then head to one of the newest boutique hotels, the Concorde, with its spacious rooms and sleek modern decor. For those wishing to venture beyond the Upper East Side, then head to Midtown’s Refinery Hotel, a converted factory that exhibits all the charms of industrial decor with the warmth of wooden oak floors and the allure of neo-Gothic architecture. For the tech-savvy, the number one destination for your technologically enhanced sleep is the YOTEL in the bustling Times Square (where else?) with its motorised beds, ‘techno wall’ flat-screen TVs and automated check-in kiosks, self-service amenity machines and rooftop nightclub.

Your guide to drinks, food & clubs:

Now that you’re settled in, have seen some of the world’s most famous landmarks and witnessed the sun slowly set behind the city’s iconic skyline, you’re ready for New York’s nightlife. The City That Never Sleeps does not disappoint – start your evening with an aperitif in one of the best rooftop bars! Visit Ophelia, one of Frank Sinatra’s old stomping grounds, for 360-degree river views and old-fashioned cocktails with a twist (we’re talking smoked Jamaican pepper-infused Del Maguey Vida mezcal with Sri Lankan palm sugar, aromatic bitters and cedar smoke). Alternatively, head to ultra-modern The Roof perched on the 28th floor of Central Park’s Le Méridien. With its high design, sleek indoor and outdoor bar area and extensive cocktail, artisanal beer and small-batch spirits menu, it will kickstart your evening before you hit New York’s famed restaurant circuit. In close proximity to Le Méridien, you can find one of the city’s newest additions to the culinary landscape: Hutong New York. The latest venture by Hong Kong-based Aqua Restaurant Group’s David Yeo makes the most of New York’s art-deco style by combining it with a distinctly Chinese charm and a menu to rival the best dim-sum eateries of the Orient. If you’re looking for the true American experience, head to the infamous Peter Luger steakhouse and cross into Brooklyn’s Williamsburg to grab yourself a table at the original 1887 Michelin-starred restaurant (but remember it is proper old-school cash only). Spent too much time having fun at the cocktail bars? Then fret not, you’re in the best city for after-hours dining. Shake Shack never disappoints (and is open until 11 pm); alternatively, Taco Mix offers the best Mexican pastor tacos until 5 am, and at that point, we’ll let you decide if you’re having a late dinner or an early breakfast! For those that truly never sleep (and are willing to brave a long queue and a characteristically discerning doorman) then Manhattan’s Le Bain rewards you with a state-of-the-art club experience with sweeping city vistas, dance floors with built-in hot tubs and the almost-certain celebrity sighting. If you’ve ventured to Brooklyn and want to experience the underground techno scene before you make your way back to Manhattan, you’ll have to visit Bossa Nova Civic Club, the tropical-themed club that has become a mecca for ravers, or House of Yes, the performance-fuelled night club that is the go-to place for those looking for an eclectic and fabulous night out.

Your theatre experience:

A stay in New York City wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of Broadway’s famed shows. For the traditional experience head to the Richard Rogers Theatre and relive the era of the Founding Fathers with Miranda’s winning musical Hamilton, or visit the O’Neill Theatre for the irreverent blockbuster show The Book of Mormon. If you’re looking for something a bit more special, then Sleep No More is the experience you’re looking for. This immersive theatre show takes place at the McKittrick Hotel and offers a dark, modern rendition of Shakespeare’s Macbeth that will surely revolutionise the way you see theatre productions in the future.

With so much to see and only so many hours in a day, New York City is not for the faint-hearted. We hope you can make the most of the New York: Leaders Summit and also get to enjoy this incredible, vibrant and multicultural city.

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