Cannabis Europa is proud to announce Vanguard Scientific Systems as the Tech partner for our New York conference on November 7th at the Metropolitan club.

Vanguard Scientific is the world’s premier provider of end-to-end equipment, systems and performance solutions for the botanical extraction industry. Their mission is to deliver the highest quality oils and extracts in a cost-effective, fast and easy way in order to provide customers with the best products possible.

As the CEO and Founder of Vanguard Scientific, Matthew Anderson is at the forefront of the cannabis manufacturing and processing industry. From cannabis and hemp extraction to processing, Vanguard Scientific is focused on translating customer needs into personalized and optimized products, such as their cutting-edge technology,the MIDAS XII. The MIDAS systems, which utilise sub-critical and super-critical CO2 extraction methods, offer a series of technologies that coalesce into an easy-to-use benchtop device that is capable of streamlining the extraction process. This technology allows you to program, customize and control the yield and quality of the botanical extraction remotely using its sensor-driven operation and automated programming, meaning that you can spend less time at the machine, and more time growing the business.

In 2017, infused products including vaporized cartridges, concentrates and edibles made up roughly 30% of the market, with a forecast compounded average growth rate of over 30%. With cannabis extract sales reaching 1 billion dollars in 2017, and the total infused product segment topping 3 billion, the expansion of cannabis and hemp-based products are fueling a global market proliferationMatthew Anderson, CEO and Founder of Vanguard Scientific

With the intent to deliver a global network of integrated systems and solutions to meet the processing needs of this rapidly-evolving cannabis industry, Vanguard Scientific is committed to providing market-leading technology, quality control, training excellence and partnerships in order to provide a stable supply chain to the global marketplace.

With today’s breakthroughs in science, the new capabilities of sub-critical and super-critical CO2 extraction provides operators with a broader set of tools to create their oils and final products offering greater ability to capture the delicate flavor-rich terpenes and other minor plant elements safely, without the risk of explosion or product contamination.Matthew Anderson, CEO and Founder of Vanguard Scientific

Join us on November 7th at New York’s Metropolitan club to learn about the latest news concerning research, innovation and the production of medicinal cannabis in Europe from those who are at the forefront of this change.

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