Cannabis Europa is proud to announce Zenabis as a Bronze Partner for Cannabis Europa London on June 24th-25th.

Zenabis is a significant licensed cannabis cultivator of medical and recreational cannabis in Canada, employing staff coast-to-coast, across facilities in New Brunswick, British Columbia and Nova Scotia. In addition to gaining technologically advanced knowledge of plant propagation, the recent addition of state of the art greenhouses in Langley, British Columbia provides Zenabis with 3.5 million square feet of facility space that can, upon full conversion, be dedicated to cannabis production space.

The London conference on June 24th and 25th will be a chance to hear from companies like Zenabis, at the forefront of the Canadian cannabis.

Dr Zeid Mohamedali

“The idea of a Canadian-European alliance is especially exciting given we share so many common practises.With over 700 million European citizens, the wealth of knowledge and experience we can gain in medical cannabis is unimaginable. I’m looking forward to bringing Zenabis’ Canadian experience of success and failure to our siblings in Europe to gain a better understanding of this amazing therapeutic plant.”

– Dr. Zeid Mohamedali (MD, PhD, FRCSC), Chief Medical Officer at Zenabis Global Inc.

Mix of Excellence

Cannabis Europa brings together a rich mix of like-minded individuals exploring the science, medicine, and business of the cannabis plant. As a participant in this rich mix, Zenabis is very excited to share and gain ideas in order to expand the use of medical cannabis in the UK and other parts of Europe.

“As the Chief Medical Officer, I hope to establish strong clinical and research ties with my colleagues across the pond; thus furthering our knowledge of the unique role of cannabis in medical management of various conditions,” adds Dr. Zeid Mohamedali.

As Canadian companies flourish on home-soil many of the top cultivators are looking at expansion plans in Europe.

How do investment opportunities in the European cannabis industry compare to that of North America, and how do they differ? What is Canada’s first-mover advantage within Europe’s growing industry, and will we see a European cannabis powerhouse catalyse soon? We look forward to seeing you on June 24th-25th at Southbank Centre for vibrant discussions on these and many other questions pertaining to the future of medical cannabis in Europe.


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