French and Canadian politicians join medical professionals and regulators to break down the issues, goals and hindrances surrounding medical cannabis regulation in France.

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CHAIR: Pierre-Yves Geoffard

Pierre-Yves Geoffard is a French economist specialising in health economics. He has been director of the Paris School of Economics since 2013, director of studies at EHESS since 2008 and director of research at CNRS since 2003. He also writes an economic column in the newspaper Libération.

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Olivir Véran

Olivir Véran is a neurologist at the Grenoble Hospital and MP for La République En Marche. After the publication of the first conclusions from the ANSM Special Committee on medical cannabis, Mr. Véran praised their work by recommending the rapid introduction of an experimental system in France, in order to allow patients to relieve their pain.

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Dr. William Lowenstein

Dr. William Lowenstein is a specialist in internal medicine and addiction. He has been the president of the association SOS Addictions since 2002. Dr. Lowenstein is also the co-author of Toxic, a reference book on drug policy in France.


Brian Gallant

Brian Gallant is a Canadian politician who is the leader of the Liberal Party in New Brunswick, and served as the 33rd Premier of the province from October 2014 to November 2018. In 2016, Brian’s government embraced the regulation of medical cannabis in New Brunswick as a way to promote jobs and public health in the province.

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