Cannabis Europa is proud to announce MGC Pharmaceuticals as the R&D Partner for our Paris conference February 8th at Maison de la Chimie.

MGC - Sponsor Announcement - FB3.png

MGC Pharmaceuticals is an EU based biopharma company, creating a seamless pipeline of high quality, pharmaceutical grade products, taking advantage of the medical value of phytocannabinoids. MGC Pharma’s goal is to facilitate the transformation of phytocannabinoids into true medicinal product pipelines and to provide breakthrough solutions for prevalent global health issues to improve the quality of patients’ lives.


Cannabis Europa Paris will focus on the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and the medical cannabis industry. Cannabis-based treatments are disrupting the way we understand medicines and pharmacology in Europe. Attendees will hear from leaders in the bio-pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and cannabis industries about how we can share learnings and cooperate to produce high-quality, sustainable medical cannabis markets.

MGC Pharmaceuticals is excited to be the R&D Sponsor of Cannabis Europa Paris…as Europe continues to expand as a hub for the global cannabis industry, MGC’s pipeline of pharmaceutical phytocannabinoid products represent the sharp end of research and development in this emerging sector, and partnering with Cannabis Europa to extend awareness of these activities is crucial to finding the next generation of cutting edge science in Cannabis” – Ron Lipsky, Vice President, Business Development & International Relations, MGC Pharmaceuticals

The conference will also uncover key developments in cannabis research and discuss how new findings and studies can push legislation forward. As the market emerges in Europe, regulators and patients will look to the latest cannabis research and clinical studies to inform political decision-making and consumer choice.

If you’re unable to join us this February in Maison de la Chimie, tickets for this spring’s Cannabis Europa London will be available from February 11th 2019. Sign up for updates below here: 

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