Cannabis Europa is proud to announce Valens GroWorks Corp. as a bronze partner for our Paris conference on February 8th at Maison de la Chimie.

The British-Columbia based company specialises in extraction and testing medical cannabis. With plans to operate in the European market, quality is paramount to Valens international strategy. Achieving the highest quality is personal, and what makes Valens the “best in class”.

Cannabis Europa aims to bring industry actors like Valens GroWorks to the table to participate in the future European market.

We are truly excited to be supporting Cannabis Europa, a conference of which we view as a monumental initiative with unparalleled participants in the advancement of medical cannabis in the EU. At Valens, we look forward to bringing our expertise in best-in-class extraction and commercial testing to the European market” – Everett Knight, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Investments

Effects of Canadian Regulation  

Valens is one of the Canadian companies that is considered to have a first-mover advantage in new markets, given that they have had several years of experience in developing and structuring the business in a legal environment. If cultivators were to ask what is quality in the cannabis extraction industry, Valens would be a good answer. The company is research-driven and vertically integrated, focused on downstream secondary extraction methodology, distillation and cannabinoid isolation and purification, as well as associated quality testing. Attesting to the quality of Valens’ business is the fact that it holds a standard licence to cultivate and produce oil under the Cannabis Act, as well as conduct analytical testing, obtained from the Health Ministry of Canada.

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Discovering Europe

Valens operates an industry-leading extraction facility, which currently extracts pharmaceutical grade cannabis oil for some of the largest Canadian medical cannabis producers. The facility is EU GMP compliant and plans to import quality products to the EU (legal jurisdictions) directly and through strategic partners.

Their testing laboratory, was the first and is one of the only in Canada’s cannabis industry to have ISO 17025 accreditation, the global standard in analytical testing. It is supported by the $115B scientific instruments company, Thermo Fisher Scientific, as they named the Valens Lab their “Centre of Excellence in Plant Based Science”. Valens is considered a global leader in commercial testing and analytics for cannabis and plans to bring this expertise and standard to the EU commercial space. 

Cannabis Europa will bring together industry leaders from either side of the Atlantic to discuss future possibilities for international trade and examine the regulatory guidelines necessary to build a sustainable European cannabis industry.

If you wish to join the conversation on 8th February at Maison de la Chimie, book today, limited tickets remain.


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