Be curious

Cannabis Europa is all about facilitating new ideas and helping you learn all you want to know about medical cannabis in Europe. No one is an expert in all areas of medical cannabis, but absorbing new knowledge about areas that you may be less familiar with can only be of benefit moving forward. So sit in on the emerging science panel and have your mind blown by the latest cannabinoid research. Become an expert on European implementation issues listening to Ian Dunt in conversation with representative from the European Parliament and European Medicines Agency. Learn how to create a successful business model to take advantage of the multiple markets opened up by medical cannabis at our Building Businesses and Communities panel. The more you can learn from Cannabis Europa the better, so come along to as many discussions as possible and help us to broaden your horizons.


Start using Conferize

Conferize allows you to start making the most of Cannabis Europa before you even arrive. Use it to see who else is attending, chat to the speakers, let panel chairs know what you’re interested in finding out, and arrange to meet people before and after the conference. Networking is an important part of any conference – meeting likeminded people and sharing ideas (and contact details) can be endlessly rewarding – but it doesn’t have to start and end when you walk through the conference doors. Social networking will allow you to break down barriers and make connections that won’t be forgotten once the final speech has concluded. 

Check out the programme before you arrive

We’ve worked hard to put together a programme of inspiring and educational speakers for our inaugural conference, and are extremely excited by the names we’ve managed to attract and the broad range of topics they will cover. In order for you to make the most of Cannabis Europa, however, you should familiarise yourself with our programme online before you arrive. It won’t be possible to catch every speech and panel discussion, so be sure to know who’s speaking where and when, so you won’t miss out on whichever element of our world-class line-up you have come to see and hear.

Go to at least one talk in the Conservatory room

While we think the whole of the Barbican Centre is gem of brutalist architecture, the Conservatory room is surely its highlight. Where else can you learn about cannabis while surrounded by a luscious jungle? Getting the most out of Cannabis Europa is as much about enjoying the experience of being there as it is about learning new things, so make the most of an opportunity to explore one of London’s most interesting Grade II listed buildings.

0981-HDR Conservatory, Barbican Centre, CREDIT Max Colson.jpg

Ask questions

The aim of Cannabis Europa is to solve problems. To do that we want you to play an active role in the direction our panel discussions and Q&As by letting our experts know what problems you want solving. You can do this prior to the event itself by using Conferize or contacting our speakers directly, but you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions during the talks themselves either. Everyone attending Cannabis Europa will have their own areas of expertise and their own questions that they want answering, and we want to capture that expertise – as well the speakers’ knowledge – in order to generate lively discussion that will leave everybody feeling that they’ve come away better informed and more knowledgeable than when they arrived. The best way to achieve that aim is for everyone to get involved as much as they can, so don’t be shy!

Talk to your neighbours

Our extensive list of speakers will be a huge source of information and expertise for anyone attending Cannabis Europa. However, in order to really get the most out of our conference we urge you to get to know your fellow delegates. We have an incredibly diverse group of attendees signed up to attend, from patients, to researchers, to policymakers, to investors. You never know who you might wind up sitting next to, so introduce yourself and remember that everyone in attendance is just as passionate about medical cannabis, and as keen to make new connections, as you are.

Join in online 

 In order to make the most out of Cannabis Europa, we want the ideas and stories you hear at the conference to reach as wide an audience as possible. To do that, we need your help. Use the hashtag #cannabiseuropa on Twitter and Facebook to let your followers know what you’re getting up to, and let us know how you’re finding the conference. Engage with fellow delegates online and help take the conversation beyond the Barbican Centre where it can be continued before, during, and after the conference. Questions and advice can be tweeted to us at @cannabiseuropa

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