Benedikt Sons

Benedikt Sons

Benedikt is Co-founder and CEO of Cansativa, a leading medical cannabis import and distribution company located in Frankfurt, Germany. Cansativa operates and distributes independently via its own fulfillment centre, and provides independent market access, extensive warehousing and distribution capacities.

Marion Zammit

Marion Zammit

Marion is Head of the Medical Cannabis activity within Malta Enterprise, Malta’s economic development corporation. She supports the rollout of new medical cannabis ecosystems in Malta with major stakeholders.

Jeanne Sullivan

Jeanne Sullivan

Jeanne is an investor, advisor and speaker delivering new ideas to entrepreneurs, and is a fierce advocate for cannabis reform. Sheone of Business Insiders ‘rising stars’ and is an active investment manager with the Arcview Group, an organisation with more than 600+ investors who have invested more than $250 million into the cannabis sectors.

Laure Bouguen

Laure Bouguen

Laure Bouguen is the founder of HO KARAN, the first cannabis beauty brand in France. Laure's goal is to spread the virtues of cannabis to everyone. The brand is stocked by big retailers such as Sephora and Nature & Découvertes.


William Muecke

William is a co-founding managing member of Artemis Growth Partners LLC, an impact-oriented private equity platform dedicated 100% to investing in the cannabis industry on a worldwide basis. He is currently raising the third vehicle for Artemis, which is a $150M LP fund.


Melanie Goldsmith

Founder of one of the world’s most popular edible alcohol brands, Smith & Sinclair, Melanie Goldsmith has built an empire based on ‘eating your drink’. From alcoholic pastilles to spiked sherbet, she’s built a global company based on the principles of innovation and disruption.


Valentina Milanova

Valentina is on a mission to raise the standards of women’s hygiene products, and she’s doing this through the world’s first cramp-fighting CBD tampon with the femcare R&D company she founded, Daye.


Michael Prytz

Investment Manager at Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Michael Prytz helps Canadian and US businesses establish their presence in the Danish market. His knowledge of regulatory frameworks in a European/Danish context has been instrumental in attracting international medical cannabis companies to Denmark.


Hannah Skingle

Hannah Skingle is Chief Operating Officer of Euopean Cannabis licensing and regulation at one of Europe’s leading CBD companies, Dragonfly Biosciences. She’s an expert at the forefront of creating new policies and setting industry standards.


George Kruis

George Kruis is a professional rugby player. He’s a British Lion, a seasoned international, and has made over 150 appearances for Saracens, winning 2 European titles and 3 Premiership trophies. Now, he’s founder of CBD company, fourfivecbd, and is spreading the word about the benefits of CBD for maintaining an active lifestyle.


Emily Paxhia

Co-founder of one of the longest running dedicated cannabis investment funds, Poseidon Asset Management, Emily knows the foundations of a cannabis company inside out, and works with countless founders to build successful businesses.