Akanda are Bronze Sponsors of Cannabis Europa


Cannabis Europa is proud to be supported by Bronze Sponsor, Akanda.

Akanda is an international medical cannabis and wellness platform company seeking to help people lead better lives through improved access to high quality and affordable products.

Listed on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol AKAN, Akanda’s portfolio includes Holigen, a Portugal-based cultivator, manufacturer and distributor with a prized EU GMP certified indoor and outdoor grow facility; Bophelo Bioscience & Wellness, a GACP qualified cultivation campus in the Kingdom of Lesotho, Southern Africa; and CanMart, a UK-based fully licensed pharmaceutical importer and distributor which supplies pharmacies and clinics within the UK.

Akanda is building a seed-to-patient supply chain, connecting patients in the UK and Europe with diverse products including cannabis products cultivated at its indoor and outdoor premium grow operations in Portugal, outdoor and greenhouse operations in Lesotho, along with other trusted third-party brands. The Company’s seed-to-patient supply chain includes partnerships with Cellen Life Sciences’ Leva Clinic, one of the first fully digital pain clinics in the UK. Trusted third party brands include award winning cannabis strains and products from DNA Genetics (California), Flowr Corporation (Canada), and Cannim (Australia). These assets allow the company to meet the growing demand for medical cannabis as market adoption and regulations evolve.

“Akanda is building a business that can be profitable in today’s European medical cannabis market, which can also hyperscale to meet the demands of the ensuing legal recreational market. We are pleased to be participating in this world renowned expo, further securing our positioning in the UK’s cannabis industry and networking with market leaders.” – Tej Virk, CEO and Director of Akanda

Tej Virk will be sharing his knowledge and expertise on the ‘Harmonising the Global Cannabis Industry’ panel on 28 June.

We’re thrilled to be supported by Akanda as we work to push the European cannabis industry forward.

You can see more from Akanda here.

There are still tickets available Cannabis Europa London on 28-29 June. Get yours now.

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