Brains Bioceutical are the official API Partners of Cannabis Europa


Cannabis Europa is proud to be supported by Brains Bioceutical, as the Official API Partners.

Brains Bioceutical is a global manufacturer of naturally-sourced active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Brains Bio is actively involved in clinical and academic trials around the world, evaluating the efficacy and impact of cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. 

Brains Bioceutical is one of the only producers of natural hemp-based cannabinoid APIs in the world. They boast a leadership team experienced in all facets of pharmaceutical drug development, cannabinoid sales and manufacturing, as well as the stringent regulatory requirements involved in bringing it to market.

Brains Bioceutical has quickly become an industry leader in both the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical cannabinoid industries, with several clinical trials and academic studies underway evaluating the efficacy of cannabinoids to treat major diseases. Under Brar’s leadership, Brains Bioceutical has already established market dominance, as it is the only company in the world to sell bulk API commercially around the world, supporting both the pharmaceutical and wellness sectors. With ambitious plans to expand Brains Bioceutical into a global biotech company specializing in cannabinoid health and wellness solutions.

Brains Bio’s CEO and Chairperson, Ricky Brar, will join the line up of speakers on June 28-29. Brar is quickly becoming a trailblazer in the cannabinoid industry. A visionary entrepreneur with unsurpassed business acumen and an unrelenting drive for success. With roots in the agricultural industry, Brar brings unrivaled expertise to cannabinoid cultivation and manufacturing. His family owned several businesses, one of which was a highly successful farming enterprise. Through Brar’s foresight and leadership, he was able to grow the business from a modest vegetable farm in Cloverdale, British Columbia, into a multi-million dollar international operation that included herbals, nutraceuticals and vegetables. He credits his cultural background, family upbringing and education in business from Simon Fraser University for instilling in him an unrelenting desire for continuous improvement. Brar and his family sold the business in 2010 and immediately entered the medicinal cannabis industry, working alongside the federal government to provide expertise and guidance on regulating large-scale cannabis production nation-wide.

We’re delighted to be supported by Brains Biocuetical as we work to push the European cannabis industry forward.

You can see more from Brains here.

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