Kanabo Announced as Silver Sponsor of Cannabis Europa London


We’re pleased to announce that Kanabo is a Silver Sponsor of Cannabis Europa London. 

Kanabo is creating a new standard in the medical cannabis industry by building an ecosystem that improves the well-being of millions around the world, by providing an alternative solution to the smoking of medicinal cannabis flowers. With a focus on the distribution of cannabis-derived products for medical patients, and non-THC products for CBD consumers, Kanabo has conducted extensive Research & Development in order to produce high-quality cannabis extract formulas, innovative medical-grade vaporisers, and various non-smoking consumption solutions.

Kanabo has set up an R&D lab in the Weizmann Science Park in Israel. The company has obtained the necessary Cannabis R&D licenses and has partnered with analytical labs to conduct third-party independent testing for all products. To date, Kanabo has developed a proprietary, patent-pending formula for sleep disorders (insomnia); three proprietary CBD formulations for Reload, Relax, and Repair, and the VapePod vaporisation delivery device. 

Kanabo has already conducted pre-clinical trials on the sleep disorders formula. Additional pre-clinical and medical validation activities are underway and in continued development at the R&D lab and through a CRO partner. This includes preparation for clinical trials at one of the leading hospitals in Israel. U.S. patent-pending for the sleep disorders formula through a pharmaceutical patent firm.

In their official statement, Kanabo said: “As the first medicinal cannabis company to IPO on London Stock Exchange at the beginning of this year, Kanabo has forged ahead creating partnerships that will allow it to expand. The company’s founder and CEO, Avihu Tamir, will join a panel of industry leaders at Cannabis Europa to share his insights on the growing cannabis industry. It is an important platform that allows discussion on the challenges faced and the debate of solutions regarding regulatory hurdles, limited patient access and quality control, yet, it is also an opportunity to discuss how the UK and Europe could follow the path of North America and soon be a massive market for medicinal cannabis.” 

We are thrilled to welcome Avihu Tamir as a speaker and Kanabo as a Silver Sponsor of Cannabis Europa London this week.

Cannabis Europa London comes as the tides are changing for the European cannabis industry. With a wave of new legislation and regulatory frameworks being adopted across Europe, now is the time to innovate, invest and learn. 

Join us on 11 November with a free streaming ticket for Cannabis Europa London. Let’s Push Things Forward.

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