SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals Announced as Gold Sponsor of Cannabis Europa London


Cannabis Europa is happy to announce SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals, a large-scale manufacturer of cannabis products, as a Gold Sponsor of Cannabis Europa London.

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals is focused on the creation of unique cannabis formulations for the EU market, developed and manufactured in-line with EU GMP regulations for pharmaceutical products. SOMAÍ concentrates on the highest quality medical-grade pharmacological applications, produced in tandem with an experienced scientific team from the USA.

Extracting and purifying bulk primary APIs of THC, THCa, CBD, CBN and other cannabinoids from the finest chosen cannabis flower. SOMAÍ’s formulations will be delivered by gel capsules, drops, oral sprays and transdermal patches.

SOMAÍ’s state-of-the-art extraction hub is currently under-construction just 30 minutes from downtown Lisbon, Portugal. They’re now continuing to pursue new distribution channels targeting the UK, German and Israel markets particularly. With 12,000 square meters of extraction space available, SOMAÍ’s ambition is to become the market leader in medical and pharmaceutical cannabis in Europe. They’re in the early-stage process of viability studies for the production of CBN based sleeping drugs and hope to begin Phase 1 clinical trials in 2022.

“SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals are pleased to continue our relationship with Prohibition Partners as Gold Sponsor of Cannabis Europa London, we look forward to building new and old relationships with Industries biggest players as we have already started our lab scale dossiers and will move into industrial production shortly in our GMP Pharmaceutical plant in Lisbon.”Micheal Sassano, CEO

CEO of SOMAÍ, Micheal Sassano, will join speakers such as Professor Mike Barnes, Dr Anne Katrin Schlag, Kenneth Lamont, Barbara Pasotri, Stephen Murphy, David Badcock, and many other industry leaders and experts on 10-11 November.

Join investors, policy makers and influential cannabis industry leaders on 10-11 November. Help shape the future of cannabis in Europe.

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