Returning to Britain’s capital city for the third year in a row, Cannabis Europa London invites you to join policymakers, industry pioneers, and scientific innovators from the four corners of the globe at London’s iconic Southbank Centre on June 22 – 23, 2020, to discuss and shape the future of medical cannabis in Europe.

Cannabis continues to make headlines across Europe as countries look to push forward their own medical cannabis programmes, and unlock the societal and commercial potential of the plant. Commercially, consumer interest in CBD products has skyrocketed in recent years, disrupting mainstream industries such as the food and drink market, and the wellness and beauty sector.

The event will see leaders from across the world gather to discuss some of the most pressing issues in the international market.

1. Research and Healthcare | Knowing the Plant

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Cannabis science has come a long way since Dr Raphael Mechoulam first isolated and characterised THC and CBD from cannabis in the early 1960s. But while our scientific knowledge of the cannabis plant moves forward in great leaps and bounds every year, we remain merely at the beginning of a long road towards a full understanding of cannabis and its potential.

Cannabis Europa London will highlight the research being done at the cutting edge of cannabis science, and take a deeper dive into all aspects of the field than ever before.

Starting from the cannabis seed, Cannabis Europa London will explore the role of advanced agronomy innovation in cultivating better cannabis crop. Peering even closer, to the molecular level, panels will discuss the wealth of cannabinoids contained in the cannabis plant, their potential therapeutic applications, and the challenges that come with their extraction and purification.

2. Society and Politics | Caring for People

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On the continent, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Luxembourg are preparing for trials which may become the first steps toward recreational cannabis legalisation in Europe, each with a core focus on public health and harm reduction as a measure of success.

At Cannabis Europa London, there will be the opportunity to study how our developing knowledge of the cannabis plant and the normalisation of its use in healthcare systems can create an environment which puts patients first — protecting their safe and affordable access to cannabinoid-based medicines while implementing new and improved public health policies. As society interrogates itself on its new relationship with this previously heavily stigmatised plant, attendees at Cannabis Europa London will learn lessons from the global pioneers who are taking new approaches to cannabis regulation and access.

3. Business and Investment | Creating Opportunities for All

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A slump in the North American cannabis market over the past year has led to a shift in investor behaviour, driving these investors towards new frontier geographies.

CBD, the major non-intoxicating compound in cannabis, has become a strong consumer trend across Europe and in recent years has birthed a new commercial industry powerful enough to disrupt the mainstream markets of food and drink, beauty, and wellness.

As a result, now is the perfect time to examine how Europe is responding to this fluctuating market, in a world where increasing numbers of European countries are positioning themselves as supportive to foreign investment in their fledgling cannabis sectors.

Already, some of Europe’s most elite cannabis companies are partnering with heavyweights in other industries, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food and drink. Cannabis Europa London will take a closer look at the role that these partnerships may play in the normalisation and elevation of cannabis to a mainstream industry, and the potential that the plant has to disrupt other markets.

Explore the European cannabis industry at Cannabis Europa London

Cannabis Europa London will bring together 1,500 guests from Europe and around the world to discuss the most important issues facing the European cannabis sector.

How will we view cannabis in 2025? Will cannabinoid-based medicines be another standard in modern healthcare systems? Will CBD remain a novel food in the EU? Will Luxembourg become a model for the regulation of cannabis?

Cannabis Europa London will feature prominent politicians, successful business leaders, and expert healthcare professionals and scientists who can examine and discuss all angles of these questions through their own expert lenses. A balance of political, scientific, and business debates led by experienced panelists and moderators will provide insight into all of the latest developments from within the European cannabis sector. There will also be a number of opportunities for networking and discussion with some of the world’s foremost politicians, experts, advocates, and leaders who will be in attendance.

Join us at London’s Southbank Centre on June 22 – 23 to discover the latest developments in the European cannabis sector, engage with industry leaders, and hear expert insights from our world-renowned speakers at Cannabis Europa London.

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