Cannabis Europa is proud to announce Fotmer Life Sciences as a partner for our New York conference on November 7th at the Metropolitan club.

Fotmer Life Sciences is the leading medical cannabis cultivator and extractor based in Uruguay, South America, the very first country to legalise and regulate cannabis including commercialization, cultivation and distribution. Founded in 2016, Fotmer Life Sciences is dedicated to the alleviation of unnecessary suffering through its provision of a trustworthy supply of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis that meets and exceeds the highest international health standards. As a fully licensed, privately held and vertically integrated medical cannabis producer, Fotmer Life Sciences was granted with the first license in the country for cultivation, harvesting, drying stocking, commercialising and exporting cannabis in 2017 bringing the company at the forefront of the medical cannabis trade.

Uruguay has clearly established itself as the leading Latin American country in the incipient world cannabis industry. The projections show that medicinal cannabis will play an important role in the Uruguayan economy by providing jobs, attracting international investment and bringing necessary income for investigation and development, which is vitally important. – Jordan Lewis, CEO of Fotmer Life Sciences

Cannabis Europa is at the forefront of the booming medical cannabis market in Europe, delivering influential and engaging conferences with the aim to bring global industry leaders together and shape the future of the cannabis sector. Leading by example, Fotmer Life Sciences will share its experience of a global company entering the emerging medical cannabis market.

Earlier this year, Fotmer Life Science’s team successfully harvested the first 6MT of six different medical cannabis varieties and prepared them for export at their 10MT capacity processing plant. This was made possible thanks to a uniquely structured government license to produce high-THC biomass from EU-GMP Pharma Class D standard facilities and the company’s dedication to adhering to the strictest EU Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards ensuring the highest quality standards. Just recently, on September 24th, Fotmar Life Sciences made their first-ever commercial shipment of 10kg dried cannabis flowers to Australia, where the plant is legal for medicinal purposes. This small but landmark export underpins the country’s quest to be at the forefront of the budding medical cannabis market, helping patients with chronic pain conditions, cancer and a whole array of medical ailments to a better quality of life and access to treatment. With their newly acquired license that allows for the extraction of up to 5MT of medical cannabis flower with high THC, Fotmer Life Sciences is planning to steadily increase their production rate to 150MT of dried flower and derivatives by 2022. The ability to scale at this rate will further cement Fotmer’s reputation as an international and regional partner of choice in the rapidly expanding global cannabis industry.

Our goal is to create a billion-dollar industry here in Uruguay in the next five to seven years, – Jordan Lewis, CEO of Fotmer Life Sciences

Join us on November 7th at New York’s Metropolitan club to learn about the latest news concerning research, innovation and the production of medicinal cannabis in Europe from those who are at the forefront of this change.

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