Cannabis Europa is excited to announce Brains Bioceutical Corp as a Drinks Partner for day two for our London conference this June at the Southbank Centre.

Brains Bioceutical Corp (“Brains”) is a globally recognized leader in GMP-certified production of naturally-sourced Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Brains offers bulk CBD API currently through its Laboratory Production division and Brains is sourcing raw materials from its global Extraction Partnerships division. In the future, Brains plans to develop new APIs for commercial use and will create three new divisions to continue its expansion, R&D & Innovation, Manufacturing, and Distribution & Brands.

Cannabis Europa is the foremost arena to share knowledge and shape the future of medical cannabis in Europe, dedicated to creating a platform for European leadership in the global cannabis industry. Leaders gather for thought-provoking panel discussions that aim to provide solutions to the most pressing issues in the European industry. Brains Bioceutical Corp focuses on sourcing raw materials for production of GMP-certified APIs aiming at expanding presence in Europe.

“We are thrilled to be bringing the Brains presence to Cannabis Europa this year. Our shared vision for innovation and thought leadership create the perfect opportunity for us to share our plans for the future of CBD with the attendees.” Rick Brar, CEO, Brains Bioceutical Corp.


Cannabis Europa brings together European entrepreneurs and leading operators in the medical cannabis industry to discuss the future of the industry. On June 24th and 25th we will explore the impact of the entourage effect on API-based medicines and the standardization of the cultivation process for pharmaceutical grade cannabis, as well as most promising avenues for research.

The growth of Brains’ global distribution and product development to date has been focused across its core pillars: Pharmaceutical, Health & Wellness, Athletics, Veterinary and Skin & Beauty. These pillars represent high impact areas for the API-grade cannabidiol and to further develop efficacy for phytocannabinoid-based medicine, Brains will continue to supply active academic clinical trials and look into initiating our own commercial clinical trials in the future.

“We are currently selling the highest purity natural CBD to consumers and patients across the world, and we believe consumers will want to know the story of the company behind the quality standard that is being set. With a focus on R&D and product innovation, we plan to be the leaders in the growing market for pharmaceutical cannabis in Europe, which is estimated to reach €55 billion by 2028.” Rick Brar, CEO, Brains Bioceutical Corp.

Cannabis Europa London will discuss the most important trends and challenges in the evolving European market, offering a meeting space for both European entrepreneurs and experienced global operators. Join the conversation now and book your ticket.


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