Cannabis Europa is excited to announce medcann pharma as a Bronze Partner for our London conference this June at the Southbank Centre.

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medcann is a Canadian registered company with its roots firmly in Colombia, dedicated to a long-term strategy to be a fully integrated medicinal cannabis company. Cannabis Europa is the foremost arena to share knowledge and shape the future of medical cannabis in Europe, dedicated to creating a platform for European leadership in the global cannabis industry. Leaders gather for thought-provoking panel discussions that aim to solve uniquely European issues facing this nascent industry, welcoming medcann as a leader from Colombia which formalized its medicinal cannabis industry in 2017 and is quickly shaping up to be a global giant in the industry.

“Colombia will soon become one of the predominant players in the cannabis industry. We believe that Cannabis Europa is the perfect forum to showcase the huge potential of the companies established in this country. It is also a good arena to advocate for the legislative framework that facilitates patient access to cannabis-based therapeutic solutions.” Jon Ruiz, CEO and Co-Founder


Cannabis Europa brings together European entrepreneurs and leading operators in the medical cannabis industry to discuss the future of the industry. On June 24th and 25th we will explore the impact of the medical cannabis resolution passed in the European Parliament in February 2019 and the latest state of play following the May 2019 elections, the role of European Medicines Agency, as well as most optimal avenues for ensuring patients’ freedom to use prescription from one end of the EU to the other.

medcann has a particular focus on therapeutic solutions to improve the quality of life on a wide range of conditions, believing this pathway starts early with agricultural and production approach and driven by industry leading experts. This is accompanied by a robust R&D strategy and support for education and training for health-related professionals. medcann believes there is a need to ensure patients have access to the right treatments of the highest quality and clear guidelines for the use of cannabinoid products.

“We recognize our duty to the social and economic improvements we can bring to the cultivation region in Colombia. We are also fully committed to compliance, ensuring at each stage we are in line with regulatory and legal requirements. We also contribute to the industry wide efforts to correctly position the cannabis-based medical solutions in the range of treatments for pain and other therapeutic targets.” Jon Ruiz, CEO and Co-Founder

Cannabis Europa London will discuss the most important trends and challenges in the evolving European market, offering a meeting space for both European entrepreneurs and experienced global operators. Join the conversation now and book your ticket.


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