Cannabis Europa is excited to announce PRØHBTD as a Bronze Partner for our London conference this June at the Southbank Centre.

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PRØHBTD is a hybrid consumer goods and content company recognised as the exclusive global cannabis partner of Licensing Expo, Advertising Week, All Def Media, Postmedia, and Entrepreneur Magazine. The company is venture-backed with over USD $20 Million in funding and has offices in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and Vancouver.

Cannabis Europa is the foremost arena to share knowledge and shape the future of cannabis policy in Europe, dedicated to creating a platform for European leadership and paving the way for European reforms. Leading voices will gather to share existing experience from regulated jurisdictions in North America, as well as address uniquely European issues facing this nascent industry. PRØHBTD is an important voice in efforts to overturn taboos and stigma surrounding cannabis as the plant makes its way into the mainstream.


Cannabis Europa will address the changing cultural attitudes toward traditionally controversial topic of this long-time prohibited substance, as well as discuss best ways to communicate its inherent potential for health and wellbeing. With a mission to lead cannabis “from the black market to the supermarket”, PRØHBTD creates and markets lifestyle and wellness brands to global audiences, overturning the taboos and stereotypes of the status quo cannabis vernacular and continually pushing it toward the mainstream.

“Although 48 countries have cannabis programs, it is predicted that Europe will become the largest market in the world within the next 10 years. Europe spends more than $2.2 trillion on healthcare and this burgeoning market will be able to offer people a better way to manage their physical and mental pain with cannabis as a healthier alternative to big pharma synthetic products.” Drake Sutton-Shearer, CEO of PRØHBTD.

Panels at Cannabis Europa London will explore how Europeans can learn from Canadian government-mandated reform and the American experience of grassroots movement for social justice, and how to go about educating consumers and health professionals about the objective reality of the cannabis plant. Join the conversation this 24-25th June and book your ticket.


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