Cannabis Europa is excited to announce MGC Pharmaceuticals as a Silver Partner for our London conference this June at the Southbank Centre.


MGC Pharmaceuticals (ASX:MXC, OTC US: MGCLF) is an EU based bio-pharma company, creating a seamless pipeline of high quality, pharmaceutical grade products, taking advantage of the medical value of phytocannabinoids. MGC Pharma’s goal is to facilitate the transformation of phytocannabinoids into true medicinal product pipelines, and to provide breakthrough solutions for prevalent global health issues to improve the quality of patients’ lives.

Cannabis Europa is the foremost arena to share knowledge and shape the future of medical cannabis in Europe, dedicated to creating a platform for European leadership in the global cannabis industry. Leaders gather for thought-provoking panel discussions that aim to solve uniquely European issues facing this nascent industry. And MGC Pharmaceuticals is precisely one such leader, having signed 6th May a distribution agreement for the UK with Grow Biotech and IPS.


MGC Pharmaceuticals announced on 6th May 2019 that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with a joint venture between Grow Biotech and IPS, a medical cannabis importer for the UK. The two companies have an extensive distribution network of 5,500 pharmacies. This allows patients residing in the UK to have access to MGC’s unique and proprietary phytocannabinoid formulations for varied indications.

MGC Pharma creates premium phytocannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products from a GMP certified facility in Europe that can be used to treat patients suffering from a variety of conditions. Using a unique labeling system that makes it simple to understand exactly what genetic materials are being utilized in the product, each of the MGC Pharma pharmaceutical solutions offer a unique combination of cannabinoids in order to address different medical needs.

Cannabis Europa brings together European entrepreneurs and leading operators in the medical cannabis industry to discuss the professionalisation of processes to help ensure safer patient access. On June 24th and 25th we will explore the standardisation of cultivation processes for pharmaceutical grade cannabis and some of the most promising avenues in cannabinoid research.

Ron Lipsky, Vice President, Business Development & International Relations, MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd.:

“It’s our honour and distinct pleasure to be sponsoring Cannabis Europa — as in the past, we are excited for a dynamic and enlightening event with our peers from the global industry, as well as a chance to introduce our products, research and global agenda.”

Cannabis Europa London will discuss the most pressing issues in the UK and Europe, offering a meeting space for both European entrepreneurs and experienced global operators. Join the conversation now and book your ticket.


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