Cannabis Europa is pleased to introduce Bedrocan as a Silver Partner for the London conference on the June 24th-25th at the Southbank Centre.

Since 2003, Bedrocan has been producing standardised cannabis of pharmaceutical quality for the Dutch government. It’s the oldest legal cannabis company in the world, providing several chemically different cannabis varieties for prescription and for raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry (API).

Bedrocan CEO Tjalling Erkelens speaking at the inaugural Cannabis Europa in London.

Bedrocan CEO Tjalling Erkelens speaking at the inaugural Cannabis Europa in London.

“When it comes to medicinal cannabis,” says founder and CEO Tjalling Erkelens, “The world is changing. And it’s changing fast. Now that the EU, as well as multiple Asian, African and South American countries, are exploring the possibilities of legal and well organised patient access to medicinal cannabis, it’s becoming increasingly important to discuss in depth how global regulations regarding medicinal cannabis can be harmonised.”

During the past 25 years, Bedrocan developed and standardised unique methods of producing cannabis to pharmaceutical standards to a level unmatched by any other company. Their commitment to product quality resulted in the Dutch Bedrocan production facilities being approved for GMP/API by the Dutch Health Authorities in 2017.

Cannabis Europa is an opportunity to discuss patient access and the politics of medical cannabis. Apart from establishing patients’ needs and safety at the core of policy development, Cannabis Europa will explore the roles of each level of government in ensuring responsible reform, as well as sharing knowledge and best practice between European policy makers.

When asked whether there should be a clear distinction between medicinal and recreational use of cannabis: “It is my strong belief that there should be. Patient needs for safe and consistent cannabis is a priority throughout the whole world.”

“To me, Cannabis Europa is a platform to have those discussions and thus endorse patients’ needs.”

Cannabis Europa takes place between the 24th and 25th of June at London’s Southbank Centre.


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