French and Canadian politicians join medical professionals and regulators to break down the issues, goals and hindrances surrounding medical cannabis regulation in France.


CHAIR: Joanna Weaver Pélissier

Joanna is co-founder and CEO of Be Cann, a French enterprise involved in EU investments, certified raw cannabinoid materials, and developing cosmetic and nutraceutical products that are quality-controlled, effective and eco-responsible. Striving to help create a healthy, professional and sustainable legal cannabis industry in France and Europe, Joanna works closely with emerging brands, educators and scientists across the globe, facilitating propitious connections and forward-thinking collaborations.


Laure Bougen

Laure Bouguen is the founder of HO KARAN, the first cannabis beauty brand in France. The brand is already being stocked by big retailers such as Sephora and Nature & Découvertes. Laure is also a spokesperson for the Syndicat professionel du chanvre bien-être (Union for Hemp Wellness).

The goal of this organisation is to support regulators in the application of hemp laws, specifically relating to hemp flower, which they believe should not fall under the monopoly of either medical or recreational applications.


Eveline Van Keymeulen

Eveline is a Counsel at Allen & Overy and heads the firm’s Life Sciences Regulatory practice. Eveline has in-depth expertise in national regulations in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Eveline is a specialist in EU and national regulations related to cannabis/hemp based products (including THC, CBD and other cannabinoids), and has advised numerous clients, from start-ups to large corporations as well as trade associations, in navigating the complex and scattered regulatory landscape. She is also involved in the first referral related to “well-being” cannabis products before the Court of Justice of the European Union.


Jean-Baptiste Moreau MP

Member of Parliament for la République En Marche in the Creuse region and farmer, Jean-Baptiste Moreau is an agricultural engineer. In February 2017, he was appointed rapporteur of the law on agriculture and food. In the National Assembly, Jean-Baptiste Moreau is Chairman of the Working Group on Agriculture (LaREM) and Chairman of the Research Group on the Modernisation of Agricultural Activities. He is one of the most vocal voices advocating for regulation of medical cannabis in the National Assembly.

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