Cannabis Europa is proud to announce EMMAC Life Sciences as a silver partner for our Paris conference on February 8th at Maison de la Chimie.

EMMAC Life Sciences is a European independent medical cannabis company, working to join together the latest science and research with cutting-edge cultivation, extraction and production.

Cannabis Europa aims to drive forward the conversation on the role of science in cannabis and spearhead key debates in the pharmaceutical space.

Thought Leader in Europe

Led by seasoned industry executives and consultants, EMMAC is an industry leader in the UK and European medical cannabis space. With supply and distribution partnerships throughout Europe, EMMAC is working to establish itself as both a thought leader in the industry, as well as the European leader in the production and supply of medical cannabis, hemp, and other derivative products. EMMAC is joining Cannabis Europa on February 8th in Paris for panels that will address pertinent and efficient questions to drive medical cannabis in Europe forward.

“It is an exciting time for the cannabis industry in Europe and we look forward to discussing how EMMAC is capitalising on the opportunities presented by this rapidly evolving market.” – Antonio Costanzo, CEO EMMAC and Speaker at Cannabis Europa Paris

Science as a Foundation of Industry  

Cannabis Europa recognises that promoting and investing in medical cannabis research is the most important way to drive the industry forward. Research directly affects regulation, provides legitimacy to the medicine, and nurtures trust between products, doctors, and the public. In turn, the success of the European cannabis community will be measured by its ability to convey science to legislators, the media, and the broader public, which will ultimately result in fairer and sustainable medical cannabis policies.

EMMAC’s recent research partnership with Imperial College of London, a feasibility randomised controlled trial for the treatment of perioperative pain, nausea, and vomiting in major hepatopancreatobiliary surgery, shows that the company supports the development of research and places science at the heart of business activity.

Antonio Constanzo.JPG

As an industry, all participants must recognise that significant further research is needed to improve the understanding of the medical benefits of cannabis, with basic science and much greater clinical data underpinning what we consider to be a huge potential market with enormous public health benefits.”

– Antonio Costanzo, CEO EMMAC

The lack of robust science on medical cannabis, a result of decades of cannabis prohibition worldwide, has limited longitudinal clinical studies on the drug. However, the 40-year research moratorium has ended with an exponential rise in cannabis studies from 2010 onwards.

Join us on February 8th at Maison de la Chimie for vibrant discussions on future research possibilities, the role of clinical trials and how we can work with scientists and regulators to push legislation forward.


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